Electrical, Mechanical Service and Maintenance to keep your plant room fully operational with

A regular service agreement.


Electrical Installations, light, power, distribution boards, mains and final connections.


Full UV service and Maintenance on all brands, UV Lamps, Service Kits Quartz and Wipers.


Pumps and Electric Motors are checked certified and serviced checking impellers, mechanical seal, backing plates, wear plates and all.


Filters checked, Multiport Valves serviced, sand, Glass and Gravel Media replaced.

Water Management controllers

Water Management Controllers checked and calibrated, Probe serviced and Membranes renewed


Full Service of all equipment in Plant Rooms and Automation areas.

Sodium Hypochlorite Generation

Sodium Hypochlorite Generators designed, Built and serviced, many brands on the market supplied, installed and commissioned.

Pool Cleaners

Pool Robotic Cleaners of all makes and models serviced and repaired.

Thermal Pool Covers

Supply and installation of thermal pool covers, mobile reel stands, under bench, wall mounted, roof mounted models.

Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool heating by solar tube, solar panels and heat pumps to save time, water and energy.

Plant room automation

Plant room automation, installing servicing and regeneration of automatic visual controllers, controlling outputs for dosing, pump VSD, controls and actuators.


Mechanical and engineering services of most equipment in the workplace.


Welding services for all metals, specializing in Stainless Steel fabrication of hand rails, circulation pipe work, lane rope anchor points etc.